HCT-Fujairah Participates in Qatar University’s Inaugural GCC Arabic Language Departments Conference

1 year

The Department of Arabic and Emirati Studies’ faculty at the HCT-Fujairah campuses participated in the first conference of the Departments of Arabic Language in the GCC at Qatar University, by presenting a research paper about teaching methods and curriculum design in Arabic language courses.

The study was conducted and presented by Mariam Alshamsi, Chair of the Arabic Language Division at the Fujairah campuses, where she talked about the role of the UAE Government in building a modern state that is up to the standards of the 21st century, by providing the finest education levels for all aspiring citizens to develop their potential and abilities.

According to that vision, HCT has been upgrading its vital role to become a prominent educational institution in contributing to nation-building.

She also discussed the focus of the HCT’s Arabic language and Emirati Studies programme, which aims to enhance effective learning through capitalizing on learning-by-doing environments. Students can then hone and improve their abilities and skills related to effective communication in Arabic by means of technology, working independently, working within a team, as well as critical thinking and creativity.

Consistency between education output and the labour market has been a challenge confronting many nations in the 21st century, which has led many governments to exert great efforts to find solutions that could enable graduates of universities, colleges and technical institutes to meet the requirements of the labour market.

The Forum has focused on study plans and the age of variables, in addition to challenges that face the development of the Arabic language in the GCC.

The main goals of the conference were to:

  • Promote Arabic language departments in GCC as an important part of cultural and intellectual development in the Gulf region
  • Propose plans in Arabic language and keep up with global changes
  • Raise the levels of scientific research in the field of Arabic language and literature
  • Link Arabic language departments to the needs of the community and the region
  • Promote scientific partnerships between the Arabic language departments at universities

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