FJW Foundations Students Get Feel for Health Science Course Offerings

1 year

The Health Sciences Division at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) held a Programme Choice Day for 140 Foundations students, eager to explore possible majors in the health and allied fields.

The day was an opportunity for students to gain awareness on the various courses offered by the Health Science Division, as well as giving them an understanding of future job prospects of the different majors. Overall, the event enlightened students on the possible options they wish to follow as future, rewarding careers. 

The event was held in four strategic areas of the campus, corresponding to four principal activities, and started with the introduction of the main Health Sciences Bachelor programmes at FJW – Nursing, Health Imaging and Information Management.

Teachers and student representatives of each programme provided overviewa of their respective majors, the employability and the growing need of the country for skilled healthcare professionals.

After the short introduction, students toured three Laboratory Rooms extensively used by health sciences courses. Rooms 608 (Health Imaging Laboratory),  609 (Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory), and 601 (Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratory) catered to students’ deeper understanding of the nature of work of each programme.

The incoming freshmen enjoyed and engaged in simulation and other hands-on activities, while Health Science corporate partners, who attended the event, provided support in form of equipment demonstrations.