FJW Students Alert to Emergencies with SANID Training

1 year

The HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) organized a training session on how to respond to emergency situations with the SANID Programme.

The SANID Programme is part of Emirates Foundation for Youth Development that is training and configuring Emirati community volunteers to assist in crisis and emergency cases in the UAE. The training aimed to educate the students on vital safety knowledge and also to provide them with requisite volunteering hours.

Two SANID trainers provided the necessary training equipment, while 36 students from different majors and semesters attended the training with enthusiasm and a desire to learn new skills.

The rigorous training started from Sunday and lasted until Wednesday, running from 4-9 pm every day. They undertook the Level 2 course of Training – Basic Volunteer to Respond to Emergency Cases, which includes the following training modules:

  1. Getting ready for disaster
  2. Driving in SANID
  3. Medical operations
  4. Safety in fire
  5. Psychological reactions to disasters
  6. Search and Rescue
  7. Raising the awareness about terrorism
  8. Sorting and classifying
  9. Lifting and delegations
  10. First Aid
  11. Pulmonary heart resuscitation

In additional to these modules the students will undertake 24 hours of basic emergency response training and follow-up courses.

The students all agreed they benefited from the training and wanted to have more training in the future.

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