DBW Business Students Get Primer on Management Consulting at Boston Consulting Group

1 year

HCT-Dubai Women’s campus (DBW) senior students, studying Advanced Strategic Management, gained valuable industry insights into strategy consulting when they visited the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Middle East headquarters in Dubai.

The Boston Consulting Group is a premiere strategy advisory organization that advises top corporate management and public policymakers.  BCG has over 12,000 employees, worldwide, of which 7000 are consultants.  BCG-Middle East has 3 offices and is a growth sector for the company.

Mr. Joe Azzopardi, BCG Director of Business Management for the Middle East, and Beatrice Lemucchi, Senior Consultant and the lead for regional outreach, welcomed the DBW students and faculty members with a presentation on comprehensive introduction to the profession of strategy consulting.

Strategy consulting is a well-known and highly sought after by university graduates as a top career option in most parts of the world. Traditionally there have been limited numbers of Middle East students who choose this profession, typically because top firms seek talent at international leading universities. BCG, however, is trying to bridge this gap through efforts, such as their Business Analyst programme which is specifically targeting students studying in the Middle East.

In addition, Growth-Share Matrix is a cornerstone of strategic management, and the pioneers of BCG were the management consulting professionals who proffered the theory and devised applied strategic management and growth strategies within their BCG matrix.  BCG’s representatives expanded on the popular BCG Growth-Share Model and how it has evolved over the years to provide analysts with an applied repertoire of assessing organizational-corporate space and potential growth strategies.

Students were privy to BCG’s business-industry analytical models which provided a thorough understanding of industry-corporate analytics and how raw data is funneled through to make strategic business decisions.  The BCG professionals also discussed current trends in global business, including “big data” and “digital disruptions” and how these innovations are shaping new and efficient decision making processes.  The presentation also expanded onto how management consulting is helping in creating new digital ecosystems all around the world, and especially in the UAE, through government innovation and entrepreneurship decrees.

After the visit, Jawaher Abdulla Ahli and Alia Saeed Al Jallaf, DBW Business students, said that their exposure to management consulting provided them with a potential career path to consider upon graduation.

Husam Omar and Dinesh Kumarajeeva, Business faculty members who accompanied the students, emphasized the need for academic-industry partnerships in an applied learning paradigm, a cornerstone of HCT 2.0. They added that building strong relationships with premiere global institutions would bode well for current and future DBW students.

Dr. Syed Bashir, DBW Business Programme Chair, said: “There is a need to provide students with pragmatic contexts to classroom learning, and the student field trip to BCG was a faculty initiative enriching student experience at HCT. More such activities would augment student learning experiences and their professionalization.”