Community Service in Learning for RKM’s Clean-Up Operation

1 year

On Monday, 13 March 2017, 35 Semester-7 Mechanical Engineering students put into practice their Community Service Learning theory by engaging in  a cleanup of the HCT-Ra Al Khaimah Men’s campus’s (RKM) parking area, adjacent field and perimeter, as part of their Volunteering Project.

The cleanup teams included two student groups with Group 1 cleaning from 9-11am and Group 2, from 3-5pm. Working in teams, they  set out along the fence verges with plastic bags, and started cleaning the parking area and field.

The flowers were quite tricky to remove from the thorn trees. Gardening tools will definitely be included in future projects to get debris from under the thorn trees and hard to get at areas. In their project reflection reports, the students described their volunteering service to HCT as a “fun experience.” They felt  proud that they did something useful for the community and made the place better for others. They agreed that this activity should be repeated with more students involved to create awareness of citizen responsibility to the environment.

The students appreciated the acknowledgement received from HCT-RAKC Management and support staff. A highlight was also being congratulated by a civic inspector who stopped to thank the sidewalk team for their initiative. Service to others can be fun!






group photo