ADW General Studies Students Fuse Eclectic Cultures for 2017 Art Exhibition

1 year

This semester, the creative students from the General Studies Art Appreciation Class at the Abu Dhabi Women’s campus (ADW) convened an eclectic art exhibition entitled “The Fusion of Ancient Cultures and Venetian Masks”.

The works were based on the students’ exploration of ancient cultures and the art history of Venetian masks.

Each student chose one of the many popular Venetian masks, which were used to hide a person’s identity in medieval Venice, and painted the mask in its original form.

They then painted a second mask on the same canvas and decorated it with themes and patterns from their chosen ancient culture to reveal the mask’s cultural identity as ancient Egyptian, Greek or Mayan.

The results were exquisite compositions, juxtaposing the masked and the publicized identities.

The ADW General Studies faculty are very proud of these wonderful new artists who worked so hard to produce their original pieces of art.