All Aboard! DBW Students Jump on Cultural Train to K-Town

1 year

As a part of an initiative to encourage students to explore other cultures and share knowledge and strengthen cultural awareness, the Korean Club at HCT-Dubai Women’s campus (DBW) organized an entertaining cultural event entitled “K-Town”.

The event, created entirely by students for students, shed light on five aspects of Korean life – language, food, sightseeing, games and Korean goods. Visitors were also able to have their names written in Korean, while learning to recognize Korean letters and distinguish Korean from other similar languages.


The highly popular food section gave students a tasty entrée to South Korea, including samplings of “bingsu”, the Korean ice cream provided by August Snow; the famous Korean chicken, provided by “KPOP Chicken”; and a live ramyeon cooking and tasting section.

The games section showcased a range of different games associated with the South Korean culture, while the sightseeing section provided the visitors with a trip to South Korea’s famous sites such as Namsan Tower, Jeju Island and Gyeongbokjung Palace. The section also provided the opportunity to wear traditional, and royal, clothing (hanbok), with photos to share their experience in the special event.


The Korean Club consists of 20 students who were in charge of seeking sponsors from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai, as well as Clematis, a cosmetics company making its debut in Dubai.

Ala Hussain Al Awadhi, DBW Graduate and Club Leader, was introduced to the Korean culture and language through various TV series. “Korean culture, in forms of music, drama and TV shows, has become increasingly popular among the younger generation of the UAE. UAE is home to more than 14,000 Koreans and according to the embassy there are more than 600 Emiratis living in Korea, including a number of students,” Ala said.


“When I came across the various Korean TV shows, the language attracted me as it is easier to grasp. I look forward to turning this interest using my language skills and cultural knowledge to strengthen my career prospects,” she added.

Dalal Alhai, DBW Student Services Supervisor, commented on building the cultural experiences for students saying: “It is a good opportunity for students to know about other cultures from different aspects. In addition, such events help build the connection between the two cultures by knowing the language and the lifestyle.  DBW students follow the steps of the youth vision in United Arab Emirates.”