AAW Student Leaders Reach Out for Study Time Management Tips

1 year

HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) Student Council Association (SCA) members, Meera Ali and Alia Husain, participated in a Study Skills and Time Management Training session presented by Kellye Blackburn, AAW Career Advisor.

Meera and Alia requested some ideas on how to manage their study time when they also have commitments with major events as SCA members. The proactive duo sought motivational tips to encourage them to be more effective in their study skills time management.

Ms Blackburn discussed with the members how to determine the amount of time they should study each day which enabled them to learn how to examine their current schedules and find ways to plan for their suggested four hours of study time per day.

The workshop focused on informing the SCA members how to create a study plan for each semester to assist them in reaching their target goals for assignments, projects, exams and GPA. Ms Blackburn suggested that the SCA members enter important dates for exams, projects, SCA events and family events into their schedules as far in advance as possible to allow for planning additional study time to compensate for SCA events or family obligations.

She also reviewed learning styles and she encouraged the SCA members to take a quiz to determine what kind of learner they are so they can adjust the way they take notes and study to match their learning style.

Meera and Alia gained a lot from participating in the workshop, which left them motivated to create individual study plans and to schedule time to study as a priority each day.

Ms Blackburn reminded the SCA members that now is the time to organize their lives so that they will be able to effectively manage future responsibilities, such a full time employment, marriage, children and managing a household.