AAW Community Joins Together to Celebrate International Women’s Day

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) celebrated International Women’s Day with great fanfare, and some indulgence, on March 8 2017.

The celebrations were a nurturing and novel way to show sincere gratitude to the tremendous contributions by the women folk, who assume many important roles, both in the personal and professional lives.  The enormity of the challenges faced by a woman today, while performing and balancing different roles at home and work necessarily means she has to be a ‘super woman’, as everyone desires quality deliverables from her; be it at home or in the office.

Women being the major catalyst, along with her male counterparts, for a holistic societal transformation need to be given their share of accolades for all that they accomplish and do 24x7x365. The celebration therefore was a way to congratulate and support women for the voyage they have undertaken, in order to transform the lives of others.

AAW has always been at the forefront of instilling confidence and motivation of women, which is visible in the remarkable contributions of the students, staff and faculties, who contribute towards the organizational goals and objectives. It was therefore a proud moment for the institution, to bring together all the silent contributors, responsible for bringing in a marked change to the society at large.

A whole range of activities were part of this day, including a day-long spa for women, and many other favorite pastimes. The spa included skin, nails, body care workshops, beauty tips, make-up tutorials, massage sessions, yoga classes, thereby eliciting interest from all female members of AAW.

Noura Al Shamisi, Student Service Coordinator, summarized the whole experience: “The events provided all of us a chance to appreciate the contributions of women towards the overall development of individual and institution. This provides everyone a sense of pride and motivation to achieve all our future goals and objectives.”

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