AAW Business Students Get Innovative for Entrepreneurial Bazaar

1 year

Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) Business students showcased their creativity and innovative approaches to small business as they organized an exciting Business Bazaar as part of their Innovation and Entrepreneurship course.

Students sold items such as food, accessories and clothes, and also provided services including photography and henna designs.

Mariam Al Dhaheri, Business Faculty, said: “The aim is to build their businesses skills and confidence. Students gained hands-on experience in outlining a marketing plan, deciding on a pricing strategy, preparing promotional activities, buying or making products and preparing paperwork to keep track of sales and income. They were involved in real-life situations and had to contend with production deadlines and competition from their fellow students.”

Asma Almansouri, Business student and bazaar participant, enthusiastically recounted her “joyful experience, from which I gained real life skills to help me develop my own business”.

The lively bazaar attracted large crowds and students had almost sold out in two hours. This was testament to the quality and suitability of their items for their targeted audience.

The day was a huge success!

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