SJW Security & Forensics Students Reach for the Stars at Dubai Space Project Forum 2017

1 year

A group of 28 IT Security Level-8 students from Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) got a little closer to understanding the infinite realm of the space industry when they attended the first “Space Project 2017” Forum at Dubai World Trade Centre,

This forum addressed the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre’s (MBRSC) endeavors and initiatives aiming to strengthen the space-related research capacities of Emirati college students, and to help meet the future needs of human resources in the space sector in general. Attendees were also introduced to the “Entaliq Scholarship Program.”

Under the supervision of Computer Information Science (CIS) faculty Nedaa Al Barghuthi and Mohammed Salah the CIS students attended a number of sessions, workshops and panel discussions, which covered some of the most remarkable space discoveries and technological accomplishments, and addressed the space challenges facing a hyper-connected world.

One workshop attended by the students was entitled ‘How to Build a Satellite – KhalifaSat Model’, where Engineer Ahmed Salem gave a detailed presentation on the KhalifaSat project. He talked about the phases of building a satellite from the beginning of the project, its launch into space, and its operation after that. This was followed by presentations given by several experts working at the space centre on energy saving in space and space communication technology. The workshop was concluded by answering all questions of the participating students.

In the second workshop, entitled ‘Begin your Journey into Space’, Noora Al Shehi, Acting Manager, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Section at MBRSC, informed the students about the centre’s initiatives as well as the Entaliq Scholarship Program. The workshop included the reflections of a number of new engineers and administrative officers outlining the journey they embarked upon up until they ended up working at MBRSC. She also provided them with information about the working environment at the centre.

CIS faculty Nedaa Al Barghuthi commented that it was an excellent opportunity for the students, as it brought together industry, government and global experts to talk about this trending topic.

CIS Student Shaikha said the conference was an excellent event, as it helped to increase her knowledge of telecommunication challenges, particularly the channel transmission between Mars and Earth.

CIS faculty Mohammed Saleh, added that the initiative was a great opportunity for the CIS students to learn and discover new ideas about the UAE space project and how they could be part of it. It also enriched their knowledge about satellite communications and technology.