FJW Spreads Joy & Happiness with Feel-Good Workshops

1 year

“Happiness is an attitude that grows with gratitude, boost your mood by activities of feel-good”.

With that firmly in mind, the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) hosted two Happiness workshops for the campus’s students, staff and faculty.

Organized by FJW counsellor, Heidi Bouguezzi, and sports coordinator, Marilyn Gilyana, the workshops were designed to explore and encourage feelings of happiness, applying holistic approach of mind, body and social connection.

The events emphasized that the happiness is all about the mindset and attitude, ability to maintain and restore positive approach and outlook on life no matter if it brings ups or downs.

Workshop attendees also learnt that we are often better in recognizing our unhappiness that our happiness. By exercises of gratitude the participants were able to recognize various sources of happiness in their lives right now. Also, exercises of sharing positive behaviors reminded how we all can spread happiness and welfare around us.

Both students and staff members engaged to activities that promoted good feeling, joyfulness and fun. Social connection for happiness was manifested through fun games and the importance of team work for success came explicit through the joyous group games.

The workshop organizers warmly thank all participants, students and staff members, as well as to the campus’s Student Services, Academic Services, Library Staff, Facilities and IT departments, whose support was essential for these events to be successful.