FJW Education Students Borrow from Bard to Showcase Drama Skills

1 year

The Bachelor of Education students at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) have shown their creative streak by writing, producing and performing a short, yet powerful, play detailing the plight of a young man trying to emulate his father.

The play, “One Step Closer,” portrays Arthur as an ambitious, young man who wants to be a successful businessman like his father. However, Arthur sees flaws and imperfections within himself.

In order to overcome his shortcomings, he has to rely on his best friend, who is wise and practical and gives Arthur sagacious counsel. Encouraged by his best friend, Arthur fulfills his three different missions and in doing so learns invaluable lessons of being patient, passionate, and grateful to people around him.

The “spectacle” of the drama and the stellar performance of the B.Ed. students were noted by the captive audience, made up of Foundations students, Education classmates, and the teachers, with great appreciation. It was indeed a five-star performance!

For the B.Ed. students, the genesis of writing the play was one of the courses where they learnt about William Shakespeare’s work.

They felt proud of what they had accomplished, which is discovering their new talents – writing and acting in drama-like stars!