DBM Stands up Against Diabetes

1 year

In cooperation with Response Plus Medical Services, the HCT-Dubai Men’s campus (DBM) held a diabetes awareness campaign on January 31, under the theme “Stand up Against Diabetes”.

The main objective of this campaign, held in the campus’s Student Activities Area, was to spread awareness among DBM students and staff about the risk factors and main causes of diabetes, in addition to highlighting diabetes prevention methods.

Since obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity are considered to be the main Diabetes Type 2 risk factors among adults and youth, students were given the opportunity to receive some useful healthy lifestyle tips by the medical and health specialists from Response Plus Medical Services, one of the leading medical support and service providers in the world, who stated that diabetes increases one’s risk for many other serious health issues.

As part of the campaign, and under a full supervision of Response Plus Medical Services, a total of 67 DBM students and staff underwent Blood Pressure (BP) and Blood Sugar tests and a Body Mass Index (BMI) test. Students and staff were encouraged to take part in health surveys and they also collected useful general health awareness leaflets and diabetes education booklets.

“We regularly participate in health campaigns that take place in Dubai Men’s in order to promote public health among adults and youth. We pay a great deal of attention to youth as they are the future of this nation and they have to maintain a good physical state,” Ms Soubanth Karudadi, Nursing Supervisor at Response Plus Medical Services, commented.