Personal Well-being Paramount at Fujairah Campuses

1 year

Faculty, students and staff at the HCT- Fujairah campuses have gained greater insights into emotions, personalities and relationships after participating in a two-day workshops convened by the campuses’ counsellors.

The event achieved its aim of promoting welfare of the students and staff, as well as spreading awareness and understanding of different approaches of counselling.

Workshops were held at both campuses, where attendees learnt more about topics, such as how to deal with everyday negative experiences and emotional hurts; introduction to personality type assessment; mindful meditation for stress reduction; color therapy for wellbeing; as well as open Q & A-sessions for students to ask about the counselling services.

This successful event was made possible with the support of Academic, Student Services, Facilities and IT departments, as well as the library team.

The campuses’ counsellors wish to thank all the participating students and staff members, and encourage them to use the shared insights for their personal well-being.