ADW Students Discover Passion for Science at Borouge Innovation Centre

1 year

A group of HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s campus (ADW) Bachelor of Business students recently toured the Borouge Innovation Centre, as part of their Innovation and Entrepreneurship course.

The Borouge Innovation Centre was inaugurated in 2015 as a hub of research and development, and plays an important part in developing and implementing a range of programmes and special projects to develop sustainable ways of helping young people make an active contribution to the country’s development on innovation.

The ADW students, accompanied by teachers Dr Hajer Khedher and Habib Kassim, were able to learn about the plastics and petrochemical industry, and also about science as a whole. They experienced science in a fun and interactive way, while the presenter mentioned that Borouge looks forward to implementing a comprehensive programme and engaging more schools.

The visit has encouraged the ADW students to pursue science as a field of study and future career path.  Their learning experience at the centre brings a fresh young dimension to the environment and emphasises that innovation of the future will stem from the bright minds to stimulate and educate today.

The students’ feedback reflected this experience. “Walking into the Borouge Innovation Centre feels like I am stepping into the future,” said one student.

“Science here is fun! I wish all our science classes were like this,” another student added.

One enthusiastic student even went on to say that in ten years she too would be a researcher at the Innovation Centre.

Borouge, a manufacturer of polyolefin products (plastics produced from oil or natural gas) in Abu Dhabi, is in partnership with the Emirates Foundation, an independent philanthropic organization dedicated to empowering UAE youth in a way which positively impact their lives.