FJW Nursing Students Design Innovative User-friendly Devices

1 year

Nursing students from the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) have developed a range of user-friendly devices as a part of their project for the Clinical Drug Calculation course, which were designed to promote patient safety and prevent medication errors.

Medication errors have contributed to a majority of medico-legal cases and longer patient stays in hospitals. Student nurses are frequently challenged with the drug calculation formulas, drug administration issues and also drug preparation.

An initial oral survey revealed that the nurses need more time to prepare drugs and often forget or miscalculate the drug conversion formulas. This prompted the nursing students to plan and develop innovative user friendly medication calculation devices, for easier use and effectiveness.

Students were able to successfully develop the following four user-friendly devices

  • Pocket key chain designed to add in all the information about the nurse’s responsibilities, drug formulas during medication administration
  • Medication alarm App on phone. The students created an alarm application that can add the name of patient, to give the patient medication at the right time, room number, bed number, the dose, name of medication, and time. This alarm will notify nurse to give the patient his medication at the correct time. So even when the nurse is busy she gets an alarm for the patient due medication.
  • MYBFF (My Best Friend) drug calculator for nurses was designed to add in all the information about the nurse’s responsibilities during medication administration. It has has several formulas, abbreviations for easy calculation. Moreover, it has all space for drug calculation, and its integrated into the calculator, also it solar powered and environment friendly
  • Reminder Pen. The plan was to make pen that is easy for the nurse to hold and use it everywhere. It helps nurses remember the abbreviation, formula, conversion of metric system, look alike sound alike list drugs which helps to avoid medication name errors.

After developing these user-friendly devices, an opinion and feedback was asked from the staff nurses and nursing students. Some of the very encouraging feedback was that the devices were very easy to use, simple, effective, applied, simple reminders, simple drug administration steps, metric conversions and pocket devices. It was highly appreciated for application in the hospitals.