Fujairah Women’s Campus Students Develop Patient Registration App for MOH

1 year

Healthcare Administration and Leadership students from the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) have highlighted the community focus of their studies with the dissemination of their capstone projects, which earned enormous appreciation from community partners.

The HCL students engaged in multifaceted projects that integrated healthcare management, leadership and technology. The projects themed around promoting community health, patient satisfaction and hospital process improvement. Collaborative health–related activities were undertaken through the school health programme and the Primary Care Clinics.

In addition, other HCL students showcased technology-driven projects in Fujairah, Dibba, Khorfakkan and Kalba hospitals.  The students engaged in activities promoting customer service excellence, computer competency, WAREED system readiness and paperless hospital systems.

Fatmah Mohammed, a Semester-8 student, showcased her Smart Patient Registration Project, produced for the Dibba Hospital, which earned commendations for innovative project entry for Ministry of Health.

The project is an online application used to collect patient’s information more effectively and quickly. The easy-to-access-and-share application also organizes and analyzes data. The App is deemed to be cheaper than paper filing registration, gathers more accurate data, and reaches more clientele coverage.


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