DBW Welcomes New and Returning Students for Spring Semester

4 years


The HCT-Dubai Women’s Campus (DBW) hosted a Spring 2017 Orientation Day on January 8 to ensure that new and returning students hit the ground running as entered the campus for the 2016-2017 second semester.

Dr Tarifa Ajaif Al Zaabi, DBW Director, welcomed 200 returning students, who completed their Foundations programme and are ready to enroll in their academic majors, as well as 80 new students, comprised of 40 Foundations students, 20 Technical Studies Program students and 20 direct entry students.

The orientation introduced new students to the college and gave students an opportunity to make friends, get acquainted with college life and culture, navigate the campus and become familiar with the campus’s services.

The students attended various informational and advising sessions offered by the campus’s academic divisions and service departments, where they learnt about college policies, general rules, the students’ honour code (Methaq) and more. They were given a wealth of information, and were engaged in fun and creative activities throughout the day.


The orientation also provided parents with guidance and equipped them with an accurate picture of what their daughters’ life will be like in the college, offering students and parents a glimpse of the college that will play a defining role in the whole family’s life for the next four years.

The annual Orientation Day serves as a foundation for the college’s success, creating a lasting impression for new students and their families. The orientation programmes create a framework in which students will know where to go, answer students’ questions and provide solutions, show them why they made a good decision in their college choice, relieve anxieties and prepare the new students for success.

It is also an opportunity for the college to say to the new students: “We welcome you, and we are glad that you are here.”