AAM Students Embrace Year of Giving Theme with Desert Clean-Up

4 years

HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) students have taken the Year of Giving to heart by applying the concepts of social responsibility, volunteering and serving the nation in their efforts to clean the local environment.

The Community Service Learning students initiated this project to protect their local landscape by cleaning up the Nabagh desert area in Al Ain. This area is a local attraction for families and young people and it is usually left unclean with a lot of waste and hazardous objects in the sand.

Miss Zainab Al Hussaini, the course teacher, organized with the Emirates Environmental Technology Recycling Center to supply students with bins classified by category – plastic, paper and metal – enabling the students to classifying the waste so that it can be easily transported to and sorted by the recycling centre.

At the recycling centre the students were given a seminar about the methods and importance of recycling. They also received a certificate of appreciation for their hard work and were acknowledged for the importance of cleaning their community and recycling the waste.

Students felt a great accomplishment for being able to support their community and look after their natural habitat. They also gained valuable skills and experiences from this activity, such as teamwork, time management (completing the tasks and visiting the center within the allocated class time), looking after their local environment and the importance of recycling. 

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