Veterinary Science Students Visit Fujairah Feed Factory

2 years

Level-3 Veterinary Science students at the Sharjah Men’s and Women’s campuses (SJM & SJW) expanded their knowledge of feed formulations for different animal species when they visited the Fujairah Feed Factory.

The visit was hosted by Mr Saeed Al-Azom, the factory’s Deputy General Manager and a HCT alumnus, who added a warm personal touch to the visit by introducing and demonstrating all the feed processes.

Dr Sudhakar Bhandare, HCT Veterinary Science faculty member, linked theory to practice by showing a variety concepts on the production floor.

The students experienced the actual poultry feed production as the entire process was demonstrated to them – from ingredient selection, feed formulation to computer commands in the computerized feed manufacturing. They also learned about the Hazard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) approach and its implementation for the safety of all manufactured feed.

Students who have their own farms saw the real application of the visit to their businesses and expressed their intent to keep in touch with the factory for future feed requirements of their animals.

The SJW students were accompanied by Ms. Rula Al-Muhtadi.