SJW Trio Finds Voice at 16th EEG Public Speaking Competition

1 year

The inseparable trio of Computer Information Science (CIS) students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s Campus (SJW) – Munira, Mahra and Sara  – experienced the thrill of performing on an international level when they participated in the 16th Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) public speaking competition in Dubai on November 23.

The annual competition aims to ensure the future sustainability of resources by bringing about a positive change in the attitudes of young people, and establishing a more environmentally-conscious generation. Students from various colleges and universities across the region, including the UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman and Palestine registered for the event.

Ms. Munira took to the stage with confidence and delivered an excellent speech on how people were causing climate change and its impact on the world. She also offered solutions to save our planet and injected some humour into her presentation, which enlivened the mood of all attendees.

The students were fully prepared to present on the topic  of climate change and its impact on water security thanks to the assistance and guidance of Dr. Georgia Daleure, Programme Chair of General Studies, Mr. Aart Leeuwenburgh, Programme Chair of Information Technology, and Dr. Kausar Saida, General Studies faculty.

With such a topical issue, a healthy competition ensued among the 13 colleges that presented on this topic.

“The competition was a new experience for me. It motivated me to perform and offered a lot more than just winning a prize. It made me feel more confident and provided me with an opportunity to widen my circle of friends. I did not win a place in the competition but the many positive comments that I received from the students and teachers after the announcement of the results made my day, Ms. Munira said.

“To me, it’s not about winning, it’s about showing your abilities and talents in front of others and being proud of yourself. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Kausar Saida for guiding me and to the college for giving me this wonderful chance to participate in the competition. I encourage the students to participate in such competitions to gain experience, enhance their knowledge and to discover and unleash their potential,” she added.