FJW Hosts Iraqi Poet for Creative Writing Workshop

2 years

The Department of Arabic and Emirati Studies at the Fujairah Women’s campus (FWJ) organized an interactive workshop for students on creative writing and children’s stories, presented by Iraqi poet and writer Qassim Saudi.

Adopting a contemporary and interactive approach, Mr Saudi aimed to familiarize students with the techniques of short story writing through a range of different crafts including creating a story based on a word, refining their talents of creative fiction, and preparing them to write stories based on their imagination and inspiration.

In addition to sparking their creative flair, the students were given proper methods for analyzing stories, technical elements of a good story, and other skills required to develop their aesthetic response to a narrative written for children.

There was a special focus on strengthening and revitalizing students’ knowledge about writing children’s literature, particularly with how to choose story topics that would stimulate children’s imagination and enrich their culture and consciousness of aesthetic appreciation. There was also a particular focus on commitment to objectivity and contemporary spirit, as well as vocabulary entailing educational and societal values.

Workshop participants also discussed technical features that constitute the foundation of a short story and story writing, such as the title, the opening, plot, the conclusion, characters, dialogue and setting, and even the purpose and significance of the elements included in story writing.

Students were also trained on how to distinguish between story writing elements, different types of text, in addition to story writing skills. They were then tested on the knowledge gained with a group exercise involving the analysis of a story, which resulted in presentations to the workshop, as well as extracting the artistic constructs of the story elements and explain them efficiently.