Fujairah Colleges’ Faculty & Staff Mark End of Semester

1 year

Faculty and staff from the HCT-Fujariah Men’s and Women’s campuses (FJM and FJW) gathered together to mark the end of the current semester and plan for the new semester, starting on January 8, 2017.

Dr. Gallie Kawanzaruwa, Supervisor of Academic Services at the Fujairah Colleges, chaired the meeting and thanked all staff and faculty for attending the general meeting and thanked Dr Ali Al Mansoori, FJM & FJW Director, for his exemplary leadership that has seen many developments in the campuses, through support and guidance, as well as new developments in all the different departments at the campuses.

It was noted that the campuses have established strong collaborations that will lead to cross-program interactions and activities, exemplified by the collaborative working practices during the assessment period.

Dr Gallie spoke about the new Technical Studies Program (TSP) which will be introduced at the beginning of next semester, teaching load allocation, scheduling and registration, cross-curricular/program collaboration, HCT 2.0 Strategy- KPIs, and new student orientation and professional development activities for the next semester.

“As we have come to the end of the term, it is also time for reflection on what we have achieved and yet to achieve at personal and professional levels. As reflective practitioners, we celebrate achievements with the understanding that there is still much room to improve practice and much more to do, such as the HCT 2.0 Strategic Plan which I alluded to during the meeting which needs all our efforts to implement, and achieve college and system-wide strategic vision. It is against this premise that Fujairah Colleges will realize success. Let us continue to work as a coordinated team and we will surely achieve our goals,” she said.