DMC CIS Students Present Projects at Research Showcase Day

2 years

Computer Information Science (CIS) students at the HCT-Dubai Men’s College (DMC) have showcased a diverse range of topics as they participated in the CIS Research Showcase Day on November 29, 2016 at the campus’s Knowledge Center.

Under the supportive mentorship of their faculty supervisors the CIS students presented their research projects they had undertaken as part of the Research Methods for Emerging Technologies course.

In total, 22 groups of students across the three majors – Applications Development (CIA), Networking (CIN) and Security & Forensics (CSF) – shared their research findings on various emerging technologies including Ethical Issues of Virtual Environments, Market Expectations of Li-Fi, Hardware Authentication Reliability, Hacking Risks of Self-Driving Cars, Will Smartwatches Succeed?, Security in Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Houses, and Enhancing Security and Privacy in Smart Home.

The projects’ respective research findings were documented as posters which were presented by the students to faculty and their fellow students.

The Research Showcase Day provided the students with a platform to interact with other students and the DMC community. Students were evaluated based on their presentation skills and the displayed posters.

The event was formally opened by Dr Khaled Al Hammadi, DMC Director, who met with each group of students and congratulated them for their fine research work.  He was accompanied by Dr. Faouzi Bouslama, CIS Programme Chair at DMC, and Dr. Mohammed Molhim, Program Chair of Engineering.

Dr Faouzi Bouslama gave an opening address to the participants, highlighting the importance of such activities as part of the action plan of the CIS Faculty to contribute to the HCT 2.0 strategic goals. He reiterated the usefulness of such initiative in empowering the CIS students with 21st century skills and the embedding of innovation culture in the DMC environment.

The Research Day was jointly organized by the CIS faculty members Firoz Khan and Thaeer Kobbaey, with input and support from Dr. Atef Suleiman and Dr. Piotr Windyga, In addition, all CIS faculty members at DMC contributed to the benefits obtained by the CIS students, who showed great interest and dedication to the event.

The day was a great success as highlighted by the participating students, faculty and staff from the various departments in DMC.

The best posters and best presentations were identified by a judging panel of faculty from the CIS, General Studies and Engineering departments of DMC, with the winners noted as follows:

Position Title Groups Members
1st Will Smartwatches Succeed? Abdulla Masood Abdulla Mohamed Ali Badri

Essa Mahmood Mohammad Saleh Alawadi

Hesham Ali Mujehed Ali Bin Rahal

2nd Security Issues of Cloud Computing Fares Emad Ali Abdulla Ali Al Emad

Mansoor Khalifa Obaid Khalifa Alqashaish Almarri

Mohammad Abdulwahed Abdulrahman Bin Hafez

Omar Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Abdulla Al Hashmi

3rd Ethical Issues of Virtual Environments Mahmood Khoori

Mohamed Al Alhammadi

Khalifa Tariq



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