AAM Gets Healthy Response to Blood Donation Campaign

4 years

The main foyer of the HCT-Al Ain Men’s Campus (AAM) was transformed into a temporary phlebotomy centre, when the campus’s student representatives organized a Blood Donation Campaign in conjunction with the Tawam Hospital.

The students encouraged the AAM community to donate blood by designing a series of fun and eye-catching posters, with over 100 staff, faculty and students generously donating much-needed blood to supplement Tawam’s emergency blood reserves from 9am to 3.30pm. At the end of the day the team from Tawam expressed their gratitude for the many donations and pledged to return for further campaigns.

Specialized doctors and qualified nurses were available to assist anyone who had any concerns regarding donating blood. Donors were asked to complete relevant forms and provide proper identification as donating blood is taken very seriously by the authorities. Before donating blood each donor’s weight was checked and once the blood was donated the donors were given refreshments and were asked to rest for few a minutes before they could depart.

It was inspiring to see the students taking the initiative to bring the Blood Donation Station to the campus as part of their efforts to involve AAM in an important civic activity that can save lives in the UAE.

The students’ desire to be a contributing part of the community drew great support and praise from the AAM management, staff and faculty.

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