AAM Feeling Happy with Launch of Positivity Initiative

2 years

We create positivity in our minds and the positive thinking will bring happiness to our lives; for the small and big things around us.

With this simple adage in mind, the HCT-Al Ain Men’s Campus (AAM) launched a Positivity Initiative for students, staff and faculty, under the slogan of Towards Positivity.

Dr.Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, started the event by mentioning how lucky the AAM community is by reviewing many of the ingredients and positive elements of work at the campus. He also passed on his deep thanks for all the efforts by staff and faculty that created a successful semester for all.

“It is important to create a positive environment for students, faculty and staff to be more creative and supportive of each other,” Dr Yahya said.

Mrs. Fatima Al Ameri, AAM Head of Campus Operations, also pointed out that the AAM community is considered one of the most positive communities in the HCT system.

Faculty and management staff participated in a cake cutting ceremony as part of the positivity initiative.

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