SWC Students Transform into Bookworms for Author Visits

4 years

In celebration of the UAE’s Year of Reading, the HCT-Sharjah Women’s College’s (SWC) library held three author events during October.

The first guest was Alia Al Hazzami, author of “Alatash” and a recipient of the Mubadala Youth Award in 2014. Alia gave an inspiring talk followed by questions about her writing process, the importance of reading, and achieving in the Arab community, and specifically for women.



Alia’s talk was followed by another talk by Maitha Hassan, an Engineering student at SWC. Maitha is the author of “Walaken” and she inspired the students by talking about her experience with the publishing industry and the time management skills she had to acquire while writing a book and attending college.


The final guest was Buthaina Ahmed Shareef, the author of two books: “Writing on Walls –Dubai among the past,” and “Giftedness in the United Arab Emirates.” Buthaina’s drive and determination were passed on to the students in attendance as she urged them to keep reading, and read more when they are done – “Stay informed, read the newspapers ask questions!”

Ms. Ahmed told of how she collected all of her daughter’s stories and compiled them into a book as a way to show her appreciation for her daughter’s determination.



Over 250 students attended the 3 events and those students left with a better understanding of what the Year of Reading means for them and the importance of reading and a drive to advance their academic careers.

“We were so honored to be able to host 3 authors from the community who could come and share their experience with the students and to encourage and inspire them not just about reading but about life,” said Carmelina Monteiro, Library Assistant.