Students Compete for Honours in AAWC Reading Competition

1 year

As the Year of Reading draws to an end, the HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) Library has ensured the spirit of reading continues by hosting a competitive reading initiative for students.

Competing students were required to read English graded readers from the library, followed by short 10-question quizzes. Upon successfully passing the quizzes, students would be able to add the ­total number of words from the completed book in their m-reader account.

The aim of the competition was to inspire English language students to take more of an interest in the written word, while also broadening their vocabulary. A total of 199 students participated in the challenge, mostly Level 1 Foundations students.

The Level 1 Foundations students were given the achievable target of passing quizzes for eight graded readers over the cycle.  The vast majority of the students achieved this so participation in the initiative benefitted all competitors, not only the winners. Some of the competition winners read and passed quizzes on as many as 14 books.

Despite the challenges set out in the competition a number of students were able to pass every quiz they attempted, demonstrating the quality of their reading, in addition to reading a large quantity of words.

The 10 students who successfully completed all book quizzes won gift certificates and will be invited to attend the Abu Dhabi Book Fair in November.

Mrs Brenda Boyle, AAWC Learning Technology Coordinator, supervised the competition as well as providing support to the students for their reading efforts.