SMC Clubs Combine Food & Fun for Chopstick Chomping Competition

3 years

The Japanese and Korean Clubs at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s College (SMC) chose a novel theme for their first co-hosted event – a chopstick competition at the campus’s A block cafeteria.

As part of the UAE’s commitment to increase happiness and positivity, the Japanese and Korean clubs are developing activities to encourage a positive student environment filled with joy and delight.


The purpose of the competition was to promote the two clubs in an exciting competition while eating a ‘challenging meal’, namely, the extra spicy Korean ramen. The students were both delighted and excited to join the competition which also encouraged them to show their competitive side.

The event started by having teams sit at tables with one member of the club acting as a ‘timer’. The aim was for students to finish the ramen faster than their competitors and at the conclusion there were three winners remaining.

Here are the names of the participants and their individual times:

Mohammed 0:51:31 Ahmed 2:04:88
Chef 1:04:70 Ali 2:2244
Mousa 1:28:50 Yousif 2:41:55
Daniel 1:29:33 Hummaid 3:08:79
Khalid 1:40:26 Sultan 4:00
Sallah 1:52:93



In first place was Mohammed with 0:51:31 seconds, while the cafeteria chef won second prize with 1:04:70 minutes. Third prize went to Mousa, who finished his ramen in 1:28:50 minutes.

The chef who participated said that it was all very exciting and good to play and challenge the students of SMC.

Mohammed, the first prize winner, said that he “would like to thank the Japanese and Korean clubs for letting me participate in this event and for the lovely prize”.

The highly successful event was facilitated by Japanese and Korean club members who were led by their president, Ahmed Almarzooqi and Sultan Al Zarooni, with the generous support from SMC Library Technician, Zainab Almaazmi and Alya Qabeel.