RUWC Family Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness

4 years

HCT-Ruwais Women’s College (RUWC) students celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness from October 31 to November 2 with a mix of fun and informative sessions.

The event started with a doctor providing an informative talk to the students and making them aware of breast cancer, its symptoms and how to self-detect it for early cure.

Women were encouraged to go for routine checkups and get themselves screened in the UAE where it is the most common cancer amongst women.

Information on Breast Cancer was put up on boards for everyone to read, and the campus Nurse provided brief explanations to staff, faculty and students about the cancer. Some myths regarding Breast cancer were also discussed and dismissed, including ‘’Men don’t get Breast Cancer’’.

Students, led by the Student Council President Ayisha AlHashmi, took the initiative to set up stalls, holding a Bake Sale and selling pink-coloured items where all proceeds will go to the Emirates Red Crescent charity. Staff and Faculty also wore pink to celebrate the event with great fervor.