RUWC Joins Nation to Celebrate UAE Flag Day

4 years

The HCT-Ruwais Women’s College (RUWC)  celebrated UAE Flag Day on November 3 with students wearing badges, scarves and carrying UAE flags while the whole campus was decorated in the colours of the UAE flag – red, white, black and green to add to the Flag Day spirit.

Mini posters of the UAE flag with the slogan ‘’Raise it high, Raise it Proud were festooned around the campus to add to the uplifting national spirit.

The day started with a traditional Emirati breakfast including specialties like Logemat and Harees after which everyone assembled outside for the Flag raising ceremony.

At 11 am sharp, together with the other HCT colleges, RUWC students, faculty and staff stood to the UAE national anthem while the UAE flag was raised. This was followed by the Student Council president, along with all the students, taking a pledge to reaffirm allegiance to the UAE and its rulers.

HCT Director, Dr. Hashim Alzaabi said:‘’It’s heartening to see everyone participate proudly in the patriotic spirit on UAE Flag day. Standing together under the UAE flag, students at HCT Western Region Colleges expressed their love, gratitude and allegiance to the UAE’s leadership. May Allah Almighty bless the UAE and its leadership.”

The Ruwais Colleges’ Student Council President expressed the sentiments of all students and said: ” We celebrate this day filled with honour and loyalty to our beloved country and leaders, that make us feel proud and happy to be called an Emirati. As the flag represents our unity and the pride, we all shared it by raising it high and proud, together at 11:00 am all around the Emirates. May God protect this land.”