ADWC Students Reach New Heights at Etihad Airways Innovation Centre

2 years

A group of 32 HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s College (ADWC) Business and CIS students, recently visited the Etihad Airways Innovation Centre to observe the process of innovation in public sector industry.

The students, accompanied by faculty Dr Hajer Khedher and Habib Kassim, were guided through the innovative products and services offered by Etihad.

The students were highly impressed by the level of creativity at Etihad, with innovation based on a thorough knowledge of the needs of the customer. The students learned that maintaining this level of knowledge is sustained by periodic surveys to explore the preferences and needs of customers and to evaluate each new product and/or service.

Students then visited the academic training centre, a huge warehouse containing a fully-equipped Airbus A380 aircraft. They attended a part of a training session for three first class hostesses and had the opportunity to observe in real-life how these employees were trained on the new services that are provided in the A380.

Etihad staff also gave the students an overview of the breadth of training offered to all categories of employees, leaving the students impressed with their Etihad guides’ willingness to interact with them and answer their questions.

One student remarked that she saw a lot of what she was learning in her innovation course being implemented by Etihad Airways, such as empathy, taking customer feedback and continuously trying to improve the quality of the product and service offering.