AAWC Student Council Cooks Up Feast with Campus BBQ

4 years

The outdoor ‘barbie’ is a great way for people to gather socially and enjoy the weather, food and company.

With that in mind the HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) Student Council Association members took advantage of the good weather to organize and run a whole-of-campus “Barbecue Feast” on November 15.

The AAWC’S SCA showed off their barbecuing and catering skills as they brought everyone together to enjoy the occasion, which was filled with laughter and chatting. Of course, the olfactory senses were tantalized with the smell of a well-cooked barbecue.

The attendance of a large number of students, faculty, teachers and management contributed to the overall atmosphere of excitement for this event.

To enjoy the great array of food and drinks, with grilled chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables provided and prepared by the SCA, the event featured a decorated seating area, with participants either on comfortable chairs or sitting on the lawn. To add to the occasion, everyone could also enjoy desserts from an ice cream truck, while either relaxing to music or playing table tennis.

Alia Mubarak Alshamsi, Business student and SCA president, commented: “The Student Council members worked very hard on this event, and the praise from the staff and students made it worth every effort. It was a great experience for all of us. Thanks to the college for making it possible.