AAWC Foundations Students Schooled on Future Programme Choices

2 years

Foundations students at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) started planning for their future studies when they attended a Programme Choice Orientation event on October 31.

This event, organized by the Foundations Division, was held to help students make informed choices about their future study and career paths.

The students had the opportunity to meet with academic representatives from the different campus programmes of Business, Education, CIS and Engineering and each representative gave a short presentation that highlighted some key points of their respective majors.

As part of the event the students completed a survey designed to examine their personalities and match these against their choices.

Students also got to participate in a careers workshop led by AAWC Careers Advisor, Kellye Blackburn, which helped raise students’ awareness of their own strengths and preferences for both learning and work.

Douglas Henderson, Foundations Programme Chair, said: “Al Ain Women’s College looks forward to helping these Foundations students realize their goals through guidance and support towards their chosen career paths”.

David Waugh, Education Programme Chair, added: “I was glad to answer questions from potential Education students. They seemed very interested to know about employment prospects for Education graduates, programme requirements and specialization offerings.”

“The mood of today’s session was very collegial – all the programmes worked together to help these students to choose the major that is best for them,” he added.