AAWC Spreads Joy (and Cake) with Happiness Initiative

4 years

The staff and faculty at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) have embraced the UAE Government’s initiatives with their own activities to boost happiness and positivity on the campus.

The campus-oriented activities have started already with initiatives such as celebrating staff and faculty birthdays each month to bring them joy and happiness.

Abir Al Kurdi, HR Co-coordinator said: “It’s a small gesture from the Al Ain Women’s College’s HR department but it carries a lot of love and appreciation.”

Mr. Omar Badran, Business faculty, was thrilled to be a part of the celebrations. “Birthdays are memorable happy moments in my life. They rejuvenate my appreciation for the life I was given and they remind me of my purpose in life as a human being. When other people share my special happy moments, I feel I am blessed and I realize how special I am.”

“Celebrating my birthday at AAWC with a piece of cake that was delivered to my desk in the middle of a hectic advising week was not just a wonderful idea, but a thoughtful gesture by my beloved AAWC,” he added.

“These little gestures, in my humble opinion, are beacons that always bring us back safely to shore. They energize us with special powers (love, joy and happiness) that remind us of ourselves and the people around us,” he said.

“As I was enjoying my piece of cake, away from advising, I felt how wonderful it is to be amongst those who care about me and about my well-being. I am re-energized! Not because of the sugar, I assure you, but because I feel that I am with family,” Omar concluded.