SWC IT Security Students Attend Cyber Security Workshops at Dubai Police HQ

2 years

A group of 40 IT Security Level-5 students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s College (SWC) got a hands-on experience when they attended workshops at Dubai Police Headquarters on September 6 & 7.

The field trip, supervised by CIS faculty Ms. Nedaa Al Barghuthi, provided students with the opportunity to observe real issues within a high-profile environment. The objective of the trip was to expose students to the areas of confronting information security, cyber-crimes and UAE cyber laws regulations.

Upon arrival, students received a warm welcome from staff and First Lieutenant Halima Alsaadi, Electronic Investigation section, General Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police Headquarters. She presented a workshop on the types of e-crimes faced in social media such as Twitter and Facebook, challenges faced in the region, and the importance of educating young people on how to use certain techniques.

Ms. Alsaadi discussed the proper methods which might be used to protect from these types of attacks or hacks and the importance of improving awareness of the need for security in the community so that people avoid becoming victims of such attacks. In addition, she discussed the UAE cyber laws and articles that regulate internet usage amongst countries and the recent e-crimes happening in the region and the respective challenges faced during these investigations. Students were also introduced to the latest technology used in electronic investigations at Dubai Police.

Maha Al Zaabi said:“it was an amazing trip, we learnt lots of useful things about e-crime, and how to prevent ourselves from falling in these traps, and to be more careful with using the internet and networks. And not to trust any stranger on the internet.”

CIS faculty, Nedaa Al Barghuthi, added that “the visit provided a real world perspective and unique learning experience for all our students. It was important for our students to interact with IT forensics professionals, as it helps to reinforce the concepts they have already learned in class. Overall, the students found the visit and the workshops extremely rewarding as it allowed them to engage in the field”.

“This field trip is really interesting and important for us. It gave us self-confidence to complete the journey of computer security,” Rahaf Al Ali said.

“It was a great experience for us. While studying information system security and forensics we examine closely how they work to discover crimes by using the IT services. It is very important for us to improve and develop security systems in our country,” added Hanan Mohammed.

Abeer Al Ali also explained that “First of all, I learned how to be more cautious about using any the apps or programs and not to trust or meet anyone via social media. Also, these things made me think more about how I can use the internet in the best way”.