Students Reap Rewards of ‘ADMC Reads’ Competition

4 years

‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’ can certainly apply to a group of dedicated Foundations students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC), who were honoured for their achievements in the college’s first ‘ADMC Reads’ competition for the current academic year.

An award ceremony, convened by the ADMC library in conjunction with Foundations Faculty, was the culmination of the initiative which was held in conjunction with 2016 being the Year of Reading.

The ADMC students showed their support and enthusiasm for this national initiative by reading a variety of books by utilizing the M-Reader platform, an international extensive reading programme which allows students to read widely at their individual language level.

Foundations students of all levels competed by reading both fiction and non-fiction books. After five weeks of intensive, competitive reading, the dedicated readers improved their English and took a step forward on the path to becoming a generation of readers.

The award ceremony was hosted by the ADMC library with special guests Eng. Abdu Rahman Al Jahoushi, ADMC Director, and Mr Rami Hamdan, Dean of Foundations.

The top three readers in each participating class were recognized with awards, with an overall award for the reader who read the most words at each level.

The highest-scoring classes at each level of Foundations, were awarded the perpetual trophies and this year’s prestigious trophy for the class with the most words read overall, went to the Level-4 CDB class, which was ably supported by its teacher Ms Helene Demirci. Congratulations CDB on a well-deserved win.

Students are already looking forward to the next cycle as they will have another opportunity to experience the pleasure of reading at the ADMC library.