RAK Colleges Celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2016

4 years

October 5 was no ordinary day for the educators at the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Colleges, as the students pleasantly surprised their teachers with individually-signed ‘Thank You’ cards to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

Adding to the celebratory and thankful mood of the day, the faculty members were greeted by bunches of flowers at their work stations at the start of the day; a gesture by the colleges’ management to thank them for their vital role in teaching future leaders of this country.

Later in the day, a gathering for all faculty and staff was conducted to celebrate the day, with a cake cutting and a speech by Dr. Amjed Majeed, Dean of Academic Operations, who reiterated the faculties’ efforts and creativity in teaching, as well as engaging in student activities which enhance the atmosphere at both campuses.

Students at the RAK Men’s College gathered around their teachers to celebrate this event and in one voice thanked them all; an action that uplifted the teachers and drew large smiles on their faces.

Aaesha Al Dhuhoori, Information Technology faculty member, said: “What makes me happy the most, being in the classroom with the students and facilitating their learning. I am proud to be an Emirati and proud to be a teacher.”

Shayma Al Aawadhi, Foundations English teacher, said: “I am pleased with what Management did for us today in cooperation with the students to make us happy and always appreciated. I promise to give my best to serve HCT students and community.”

Ebrahim Aleamash, Business faculty member, said: “It’s always nice to be remembered and appreciated, recognizing our students achievements and seeing them reaching high positions makes us feel proud that we are a part of their success story.”

The colleges’ management team joined in the celebrations and well-wishes by wishing all faculty members a happy and productive academic year.