FWC Students Get Creative with Happiness for Patients’ Initiative

2 years

The HCT- Fujairah Women’s Campus (FWC) Creativity Club has brought a ray of sunshine to the local community with its “Happiness for Patients and Workers” initiative, held at the Al Sharq Hospital in Fujairah on October 24.

The FWC Health Administration students joined with a group of male students from the HCT-Fujairah Men’s Campus (FMC) to volunteer their time and share positive greetings while distributing gifts and flowers to the hospital’s patients, as well as a group of construction workers.

Patients of different ages and their family members were delighted with this expression of kindness and generosity, as shown in their smiles and heartfelt thanks when visited by the student volunteers.

The hospital’s staff members emphasized the importance of arranging these kinds of welfare activities, as they contribute positively to the psychological wellbeing of the patients. Interacting with the patients was also an opportunity to improve the students’ communication skills with different kinds and ages of patients, which was particularly beneficial for students preparing for future careers in the healthcare field.

The volunteering students said participating in this initiative helped them feel they were contribute to the patients and society by giving something back. They believed the patients felt happier knowing they are being cared for and remembered, which contributes to their wellbeing and recovery.

Students were happy to see the patients’ and workers’ smiles, which also made them feel better about themselves. They were reminded of the adage that “when we give, we also receive”.

Shaikha Al Ali, Creativity Club organizer, said the purpose and aim of organizing these kinds of activities is to give the students a chance to volunteer and also bring about a positive spirit, an awareness and a proactive mindset.

These activities aim to foster learning to live life with a happy and healthy heart, to increase students’ involvement in life and to spread wellbeing and understanding that we all can do acts which promote happiness in our community.