Expo 2020 Dubai Connects with AAWC Students

4 years

The Expo2020 Dubai came to HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) when the college hosted an informative lecture for students on October 19.

Ms Ayesha Shahin, Dubai Expo Analyst-Engagement, explained to the enraptured audience all aspects of Expo in general and more particularly the Expo2020 Dubai.

The aim of this visit was to engage with students and to stress the importance of Expo and what it will bring to our region in terms of innovation, educational development, and economic benefits. Most importantly, it focused on the various ways students can be part of the journey to Expo 2020.

“Our Roadshow to universities is a platform for Expo 2020 to engage with UAE students. We aim to give the students a clear overview of Expo 2020 so that they have a better understanding of what is happening and what the site will look like,” Ms Ayesha said.

“Our goal is to also involve the students in the various activities, events and initiatives that we have planned or are in the process of planning,” she added.

Ms Shahin also explained the new Expo 2020 platforms and initiatives, being:

  • YouthConnect (November 19)

A full day of activities including discussion corners, speakers and workshops

  • The Apprenticeship

A 9-month training programme divided into an academic module and a work placement, aimed at graduates under 28 years of age seeking employment

  • Volunteering

More details on this strategy will be announced in the coming 12 months