Innovation and Creativity – the Focus of DWC’s Club Fair

4 years

HCT-Dubai Women’s College (DWC) students were introduced to a wide range of extracurricular activities during the recent DWC Club Fair, which is convened to create an environment that will enhance student success and engagement.

The students were able to visit and browse the booths of over 15 clubs, where they met activity advisers and fellow classmates with similar interests.


The clubs introduced this year included:

  • Random Acts of Kindness Club
  • The Guitar Club
  • Crochet and Knitting Club
  • Jewellery Making Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Technovate Club (Technology and Innovation)
  • Speed Math Club
  • IoT Club ( Internet of Things)
  • Sports Club
  • Weight Loss Club
  • Humanitarian Club
  • Speakers & Readers Club
  • Cooking Club


DWC Student Services Supervisor, Dalal Al Hai,said: “The student club fair is part of the DWC’s efforts to create a culture of learning, fun and feeling part of a community, giving students more reasons to come to college.”

One of the new clubs initiated this year is the Internet of Things Club (IoT), headed by CIS Faculty, Ramakrishnan Raman. The club’s objective is to impart knowledge of the latest trends in Internet of Things (IoT) to members; to practically learn various components of IoT (including Sensors, Connectivity devices, Software and Data analytics tools) and to explore IoT opportunities and implement smart solutions in DWC, such as Smart Waste management, Smart Water management or Smart Electricity management.

Another new club is the Speed Math Club, headed by CIS Faculty, Rejitha Ravikumar. The club aims at students who enjoy doing Math and the ones who fear it. Math is an important part of everybody’s life and does not end with college studies. Therefore there is an urgent need to get better at it. In the club students will get the opportunity to learn and share tips and tricks to improve their mental Math skills, which will in turn, benefit them in the long run.

The Robotics Club, headed by CIS Faculty Jumana Tarazi, is also a new club, which inspires students and increases their interest and appreciation of science and technology. Robotics improves students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills by designing and building programs for the VEXIQ robots.


The beautifully named Random Acts of Kindness Club, headed by Foundations Faculty Loyce Soskin and Sunita Lama, is a new club that focuses on promoting positivity around campus, spreading happiness and wellbeing and encourages community spirit.

The Cooking Club was introduced this year with the aim to learn the origin of various recipes, share each other’s cooking expertise and to work together in a team to learn recipes from each other.

Dr. Ghassoub Mustafa, DWC Faculty who formed the Speakers & Readers Club, said: “The main purpose of the club is to promote reading by students. We have students who love reading and through the club these students can attract and motivate other fellow students to read. Our mission is to send these students to classrooms to promote reading. When we meet weekly, we swap books and talk about the books we have been reading and then they can advise other students who are unsure about reading. This will benefit students to become readers and hence speakers.”