SMC Recognizes Student & Staff Achievements at Sports Awards Ceremony

2 years

The HCT-Sharjah Men’s College (SMC) recognized the athletic and sporting achievements of SMC students and staff throughout the current academic year with its annual SMC Sports Awards ceremony, held on June 1.

The 2015-16 academic year was a strong year for SMC in its various sporting endeavours, and Sports Coordinator Ciaran Doyle noted that the college participated in 52 fixtures in all sports, as well as hosting 11 internal and four HCT-wide tournaments and participating in a further nine external tournaments.  Added to this impressive tally of sporting activities, a number of SMC students participated in the UAE National Day Flag Parade Cycle and the RAK Half Marathon.

Dr Ged Ryan, HCT-Sharjah Colleges Head of Academic Operations, presented the awards and commended the students on their contribution to a highly successful sporting year.

The following awards were given and achievements recognized:

Sportsman of the Month

  • October – Hamad Mohamed Ibrahim Buhazza (Football); Nasir Abdellatif Naser Ali Al Farda (Basketball)
  • November – Mohamad Ahmad Qassem Delfash (Volleyball)
  • February – Omar Issa Abdallah Ahmad (Cycling)
  • March – Jasim Saud Abdullah Abdullah (Sports Day)
  • April – Hisham Hassan Malalla Alyassi (Kayak)
  • May – Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelrahman Al Ali (Water Games)

Director’s Trophy

Engineering Department

Player of the Year

  • Football – Abdulla Abdulqadir Abdulla Mohamed
  • Basketball – Jasim Yaqoub Mohamed Al Maazmi
  • Volleyball – Mohamad Ahmad Qassem Delfash
  • Swimming – Mohamed Eisa Ibrahim Almaazmi
  • Cycling – Aqeel Ahmed Mohamed Almaazmi
  • Table Tennis – Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al Hammadi
  • Billiards – Masoud Omar Salim Bajabir

Staff Appreciation

  • Ali Siddiqui
  • Adil Hadid
  • Tim Beer
  • Mokhtar Bourchak
  • Richard Taylor
  • David May

Overall Staff Sportsman of the Year

Daniel Millie

Overall Student Sportsman of the Year

Abdalla Moosa Abdalla Al Amri

SMC Performance in Tournaments

  • Cycling – 1st, 2nd, and 3rdin Individual HCT Cycle Race; 1st in Team HCT Cycling Race
  • Volleyball – 3rd place in HCT Volleyball Tournament
  • Basketball – 1st place in SMC Invitational Tournament; 3rd Place in CUCA Sports Cup
  • Kayaking – 3rd place in HCT Kayak Race
  • Football – 2nd place in HCT League
  • Water Games – 2nd place in HCT Water Games Tournament


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