HCT Hosts Inaugural Academic Leadership Forum

4 years

The HCT held its first Academic Leadership Forum on February 4, 2016 in order to enhance the leadership and administrative capabilities of its academic leaders.

Executive Deans, Programme Chairs, Heads of Academic Operations and College Directors attended the forum at the HCT-Dubai Men’s College, which was designed to support their contributions in implementing the new HCT Version 2.0 strategy which will be announced in the near future.

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Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, opened the forum affirming the importance of the HCT academic team and the vital role of its members in the teaching and learning process, as well as their expected role in the Version 2.0 strategy.

He mentioned that the HCT is currently preparing for launching its new five-year strategy, which will have a positive impact on student learning outcomes, whilst focusing on providing qualified faculty members with the ability to implement this strategy.

Dr Al Shamsi explained that, through this conference, the HCT aims to reinforce the roles of each HCT faculty member, stressing the need for joint efforts between the colleges and various departments in order to achieve the desired objectives.

He emphasized that the forum provides a valuable opportunity for finding mechanisms of structured and effective communication between the HCT senior management and HCT academic leaderships at all levels. He said it was also an opportunity to discuss strategic academic issues and their implementation, as well as the attendees exchanging experiences.

The Vice Chancellor added that the forum will introduce academics to international leadership and administration experiences and practices, as well as to a comprehensive development plan for leadership and administrative skills for all Executive Deans and Programme Chairs.

The development plan will be implemented during the Professional Development week held from April 3-7, 2016, which will be comprised of workshops for introducing the best international practices in administration and leadership, especially those related to developing the relevant skills of the Executive Deans and Programme Chairs.

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Dr Harry Hubball, Chair of the international academic leadership development programme at the University of British Columbia in Canada, delivered the keynote seminar on international best practices in the area of preparing academic leaders, as well as discussing various professional development programme models implemented around the world.

The forum also included several lectures and discussions on the various aspects of academic leadership and operations.

Dr Gilbert Linne, HCT Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, gave the first lecture discussing the endeavours of academic leadership, including administrative and leadership competencies, in multi-campus institutions, such as HCT.

Dr Ahmed Saifelnasr, Academic Advisor to the Vice Chancellor, discussed the means of achieving integration of the various roles and responsibilities of the HCT academic team. He said the effective integration of this process depends largely on the clarity of the duties assigned to each team member so as to avoid overlapping with other members’ duties.