AAMC and AAWC Host Informative Business Assemblies

2 years

Recently the Business Division of the HCT-Al Ain Colleges welcomed its new and current students for the 2015-2016 Academic Year at a highly informative information and orientation session.

The session was led by the Business Division Chair Alex Hennawi assisted by the Business Academic Coordinators, Michael Grantham (AAMC) and Omar Badran (AAWC). Also in attendance was the Al Ain Colleges’ Head of Academic Operations Jon Orthmann, as well as numerous Business faculty members.

The Business students were taken through a refresher on the expectations of them, as well as the colleges’ policies and procedures. They were also reminded of the commitment to their studies they need to make to be successful in the coming academic year.

Mr Hennawi also explained the roles faculty and support staff play in assisting student success and stressed that students needed to take their responsibility to make the most of the opportunities given to them seriously.

A lively question and answer session was held during the session which led to some constructive debate between staff and students. The event concluded with the faculty members warmly wishing the students all the best for this academic year.