ADMC Business Students Attend 16th Regional Audit Conference

5 years

Building on the tenets of promoting applied education, and in the spirit of Learning by Doing, students from the Business Faculty at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC) attended the 16th Regional Audit Conference, organized by the IAA, in Abu Dhabi on March 10.

The UAE IAA’s Regional Audit Conference is the internal auditing profession’s premier training event in the Middle East. The conference featured recognized and respected keynote speakers from across the globe discussing the latest topics impacting business profession, now and in the future.

Targeting 1000-plus professionals in the field from the Middle East region, this future-oriented conference, held under the theme “Innovate your future NOW”, boasted world-class professional development sessions and pre-conference workshops held on March 9.

The students, accompanied by faculty members Malini Nair and Shakeel Carrim, were warmly welcomed by the conference’s Events Manager and several staff members of the IAA who were very excited to share their knowledge and experiences. The students attended an interesting session entitled “The role of leaders in making an organization innovative” by Dr Kanak Madrecha.

The students benefited tremendously from the conference and were fascinated to hear about various leaders and their traits in the UAE. In addition, they were also briefed about the challenges and responsibilities leaders face in order to implement innovation in an organization.

Fares, a Year-1 Business student, said: “The conference was an eye opener and the presentations helped us gain a better understanding of the technologies and skills used by leaders in organizations to bring about innovation and measure their effectiveness.”

Another Business student Ahmad was captivated by the extent of the conference and expressed happiness that studying at ADMC supported him to attend such a large scale conference as part of his learning process.