Med Lab Students Attend American Society of Clinical Pathologists Conference

5 years

As part of the HCT’s aim to follow international standards and best practices a group of senior Medical Laboratory students, and faculty, from the Women’s Colleges at Sharjah, Madinat Zayed and Abu Dhabi attended the first American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) conference in the Middle East, held recently in Abu Dhabi.

Medical Laboratory faculty member Dr Nishi Singh & Associate Dean Dr Kathleen Meehan are on the international advisory board of this professional body and participate actively in their activities, while the med lab graduates are encouraged to take the ASCPi certification examination.

The conference’s scientific sessions started with many discussions on the importance of good laboratory management as a means to ensure accurate, reliable and timely results and highlighted the pitfalls and costs of poor quality care in lab medicine. These were followed by break out sessions in specialist areas.

The regional and international speakers touched on areas of profound urgency in laboratory medicine and shared valuable data and personal insights on topics, such as the recent Ebola outbreak and rapid identification of ‘super-bugs’ (drug resistant organisms) that threaten the world with rapid global spread and fatal consequences if not contained.

The fundamental sciences remain the corner-stone of biomedical sciences and the sessions on haematology and immunology emphasized the role of new techniques and skills with which medical technologists must keep current. The students attended sessions until late in the evening and welcomed the opportunity to meet senior professionals in their major. The conference also provided them a rare opportunity to interact with other HCT campus students in their programme.

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