KCWC Students Reinforce Learning at Business Bazaar

3 years

The HCT-Khalifa City Women’s College’s (KCWC) Business Faculty hosted a Business Bazaar recently, to give students studying for their Diploma in Retailing the opportunity to obtain hands on experience to supplement their classroom learning.

Two Diploma sections, primarily from the Business and Health Sciences programmes, displayed stalls, which included a variety of products including a range of home-made bakery items, chocolates, Egyptian/Lebanese food, drinks and T-shirts.

The student-vendors put a huge amount of effort into effectively decorating their stalls and displaying posters advertising their products, and had a busy day serving a high volume of student and staff customers. In doing so they demonstrated their business skills and knowledge in a truly professional manner.

Students were very enthusiastic about organising and running the Bazaar, as one student commented “This was not only a fun activity but also very useful to our learning”.

The Business Bazaar activity was integrated into the assessment strategy for the course ‘Introduction to Organisational Operations’. The aim was to implement HCT’s Learning by Doing philosophy into the assessment component as an applied activity based reflection paper. As such, students were asked to plan and organise their product and business stall for the Bazaar and reflect on their experiences afterwards. This gave them the opportunity to gain practical experience from running their own business.

“The Bazaar is an excellent and very effective activity for students studying this course. They were able to apply the theory learned in the course such as planning, organising, leading and working in teams in their Bazaar business operation,” said Dr Renata Hodgson, who teaches the Diploma course.