KCWC Students Explore ‘Hands on Stats’ at Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi

4 years

The HCT-Khalifa City Women’s College’s (KCWC) semesters one and three Business students recently visited the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) to explore and understand its objectives and the role the organisation plays within the Abu Dhabi community.

The visit was part of a Learning By Doing trip linked to the Business statistics course, to further enhance the students’ understanding of the relevance of business statistics in real life.

The trip included visits to the statistics library, presentations and open discussion sessions which gave students the opportunity to probe further into how the SCAD functions, and career opportunities.

The students started by visiting the statistics library where they were shown the different books, research papers, periodicals and other publications produced by SCAD, which issues more than 100 statistical publications annually.

SCAD has an impressive database of statistics about Abu Dhabi, in areas such as population and demography, the economy, the labour force, business and industry; dating back to 1960. Students were shown how to access these databases from the official SCAD website to help them with their research and projects.

The students also attended six presentations from the various departments at the centre to show them how data is collected, classified and analysed; the official statistics are disseminated; and the results of the social, demographic, economic, environmental and cultural surveys are released.

Of particular fascination to the students and faculty were the unique approaches SCAD were using with idea generation, for example the ‘20 – 20 Seminars’, where weekly sessions are given based on the transfer of knowledge using 20-minute presentations followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Students were also very impressed with one of SCAD’s initiatives, which allows employees to register any new ideas they may have, along with the date and their names via their portal. These ideas are then analysed by a team whose main function is to develop those new ideas and initiatives suggested by staff.

During the visit the potential of training opportunities including summer training programmes for students were also discussed.

At the end the students met the manager of the training institute, a former HCT graduate; as well as having a group photo taken and received sample gifts.

Year-two student Manal Ahmed said: “I was glad to have the opportunity to make this field trip because I now realize how important statistics are, and how they can be applied in real life. It also clarifies some of our in-class learning on the statistics course.”

Abeer Jasim, another year-two student, was fascinated with SCAD’s activities: “It was an interesting trip. The Statistics Centre gave us information on how they collect and analyse the information, and more importantly the use of this information.”