DWC CIS Students Win First Place at 2014 Gulf Traffic Awards

4 years

Three first-year Computer Information Science (CIS) students from the HCT-Dubai Women’s College (DWC) have won first place in a nation-wide road safety competition at the 2014 Gulf Traffic Awards held in Dubai this month.

The three students, Budoor Al Hashmi, Zainab Mirza Al Mahdi and Maryam Al Hosani, won the prestigious TRL Road Safety Student Award which rewards innovative proposals for solutions of road safety problems from students currently enrolled in higher education in the Gulf Region. TRL, wholly owned by Transport Research Foundation in the UK, challenges students to engage and get involved in the development of applied solutions to road safety problems.

Dr Saoud Al Mulla, Director of the HCT-Dubai Colleges, said: “We are very pleased for our Dubai Women’s College students’ achievements at this prestigious competition. This is another strong example of our students participating in important events where they can demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge and skills in a hands-on manner, which reflects the Learning by Doing philosophy that is applied throughout the Higher Colleges of Technology. We are very proud of our students winning this award.”

Simon Labbett, UAE Director, TRL said: “The captivating animation video “Life is precious, Drive safely”, created by Budoor Al Hashmi, Zainab Mirza Al Mahdi and Maryam Al Hosani from Dubai’s Women’s College tells the story of a group of female college students whose unawareness of safe driving rules leads them to pay the high price of losing a precious friend in a traffic collision. Its illustrations of the pain and regret felt by the driver as a result of the accident is a powerful reminder to all of us to take simple precautions, such as wearing a seat belt, avoiding distraction when driving and complying with traffic rules to keep safe.”

“On behalf of TRL I would like to thank the three students from Dubai Women College and their tutors for their contribution to road safety and congratulate them on their excellent achievement,” he added.

Dr Hamad Odhabi, Executive Dean of CIS and Applied Media said:“This project is an exemplary testament of HCT’s vision of Learning by Doing and we are honoured that our students have the creativity and technical excellence to compete in these events.”

“We encourage our students to participate in these events thereby giving them opportunities to apply their knowledge to real world scenarios and prepare them to be tomorrow’s civic leaders,” Dr Nasser Nassiri, Acting CIS Associate Dean and Programme chair at DWC said.

Jyothi Ganglani, CIS faculty member and project facilitator added: “This project was fully integrated with the Multimedia Technologies course and gave our students a unique opportunity to develop an innovative campaign to raise awareness of traffic safety in their own communities.”